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About us

Our non-profit "War Help" provides operations money houses and food soldiers of all ages. Our interactive survey may help you think about donating to our cause, did you know that the majority of veterans become homeless after war and fighting. We are not a real nonprofit, but if we were we'd be a 501c3.

Mission statement

Our mission is too make sure all our veterans and current soldiers are treated with care and have the help they need. we will provide money and operations.


Our founders are Timothy and Alexander.They are the devoted people that have created the non profit war help. They care about the veterans that have been treated poorly.

Real non-profits

Interactive servey

This is a survey that has you in the situation of a veteran. This survey will try to persuade you. You will feel how it is to be homeless, food insecure and depressed.


You will hear the stories of young and old men and women who used to be in the war. They will read you a story about themselves.

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