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This fictional non-profit would love to be a real 501(c)(3). I'm partnered with Defenders of Wildlife, ASPCA, and Meow Bark Help(another fictional non-profit) , and New Mexico Wild. We work with animals big and small and pets and exotic. I am a shelter to all animals, pets and exotic. I try to find homes for the pets and rehabilitate animals that don't belong in homes. We work with water land and sky animals.Click on *Partners/Volonteer* to learn about the other partners.

Our number: (505)-555-8901 Our email: We help all animals, in the air, in the water and on land.

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If you're reading this then yay. All animals in some way shape or form get hunted and/or abused by humans. This is why animals someday go extinct. If we keep on doing this, then someday we will get erased off of the planet, off of the earth.

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The Gopher Tortoise population is denied Federal Protection. Nearly 300 neglected animals were saved from the hoarding situation on Long Island. The Mexican gray wolf population has only 196 wolves left.