Perros Por Via

Surrendering a dog

We all know how hard it is to give up your dog, but sometimes it is better to give your dog to us then to not be able to take care of it, we would love your dog and then give him to another family, that will love the dog and your dog would have a great life. Your dog could have a better life with some other family, Think of your dog.

sad dog
By Mike Burke from "Unsplash"

What we do

Are nonprofit takes in traumatized, or homeless dogs that are in need of a home. Homeless dogs that don't have an owner are sent to us, then we test them for diseases and tics, and clean them up. We teach them how to live with humans, and how to interact with other dogs. Finally, we give the dogs a nice room with lots of toys, and blankets, then people can come to our store and be interviewed, then they can adopt a dog if they pass the interview. If we were a real non-profit, we would be a 501(c)(3) organization.


We want you to adopt a dog, please contact us and we will interview you. Next we will show you the dogs and you will choose one to adopt. Finally you will come to are nearest location and we will get you your best friend for life.

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We do not take cats. Are employes are only specialized in dogs.