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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help children that are in need of counseling for being non lGBTQ+ and people who shoot up schools.


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  3. Protecting Our Students

take action

You can sign up to be a counselor to help kids. And informs schools about what is happening. You can stop non lGBTQ shootings in schools.

support group

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You can join the support group to help come out to family,friends, and schools. Not coming out can mean the real you is stuck inside and cant be free. The support group can back you up if something or someone goes wrong. You can also reach out to say if some one said they would shoot up the school.

Why We're Here

We started this organization to help LGBTQ+ people with threats to shoot them. WE want to help kids to come out to everyone. We educate schools about how gun violence is not the key we have counseling for people who think that.

news and stories

The stories are about people who came out to their community. When someone is accepts you joy sprouts through the air. You can ask us to share your story to inspire others. Shelby went to a very homophobic school. People would taunt her about wearing rainbow clothes and socks. One day, she tried to come out to her parents about being gay, and they kicked her out. She didn't know where to go, so she came to TRIVIENNE. We gave her a place to stay and we got her into a school where everyone is accepting of everyone else.

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about us

We're not a real non-profit but the stuff we find is real. If we were a real nonprofit we would be a 501 organization that would help save kids. This fictional non-profit would love to be a real 501c3 because it would be kids first not shooters. This is a real organization with other companies. We raise awareness about more violence towards LGBT+ in schools. We do counseling for kids who get shot because they're gay. We also do lectures about how not to shoot people and don't hit them if they're LGBT+. We also have a support group for those who need help to come out to family and friends.