Disabled Sports Organization

Mission Statement

To provide fun, healthy, and athletic activities for the disabled.

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About Us

We provide fun stimulating athletic activities that help improve physical fitness and mental fitness. If we were a real non-profit, we would be a 501(c)(3) organization. Our "Non-profit" gives equipment to our various sports. Studies have shown that sports improve mental disabilities and that is what we are here to do.

Come Play With Us

For the 3-5 division the two teams are the Buffaloes, and the Stallions. For the 6-9 division the teams are the Bears and the Leopards. For the 10-12 division the teams are the Cheetahs, and the Lions. For the 13-16 division the team names are the Champs, and the Vipers. And anybody older than 17 the team names are the Rattlesnakes, and the Gators. These teams play different units each few months, for instance in October and November,they play flag football. In December and January they play basketball.

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You can buy uniforms and t-shirts to support DSO. You can also buy magnets, frisbees etc. All proceeds will be donated to funding more equipment and teams.

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