The Doggy Den Rescue

Mission Statement

To shelter, help, heal, and provide food and water to all the doggies. and to end the killing of companion animals.

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About Us

we save as much of the hopeless dogie lives out on the streets with no family. My plan would be to have people go around and look for stray animals and put up flyers saying if you find a stray animal please call (345)555- 5432 so that we can treat the animal and give it a loving home. We would like also either spay or neuter the dog to decrease the number of puppies born a year so fewer of them are left out on the streets to die. if we were a real nonprofit, we would be a 501(c)(3) organization.

Contact Us

If you ever find a stray animal or an animal in need call us at 1 (505) 555-8937 or email us at thedoggydenrescue@example.org another reason to call us is to ask if you can come in the store or not because unfortunately we do lock the doors at 9:30 PM and opens back up at 4:30 but that does not mean that we leave the animals alone all night we do have people available 24/7 at the shelter and if you need to bring in an animal please call us and we will open the doors for you. After you call us to get confirmation on coming in after closing if you do not know where to drop off the dog to find a new family scroll down and you will see a map.

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