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Our goal is to make sure all pets in Albuquerque have food and shelter.

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About Us

We are a pet shelter. We take pets that people cannot/will not care for and find permanent people for them. We also take in strays. Another thing we do is give out pet food and supplies to people who cannot afford them. This fictional non-profit would love to be a real 501(c)(3).

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Happy Stories

Read some stories about people who have adopted animals from shelters. These stories will make you feel good. They might also motivate you to adopt an animal or two.

Monkey is a cat so cute, it’s like he’s got his own gravity. When the 31-pound cat first arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, everyone was drawn to him and his outgoing personality. And he loved the attention. It wasn’t just people who met him in person, either. When Jennifer May saw his picture on the Best Friends website, she saw his big green eyes and was pulled in like everyone else before traveling more than 300 miles to pick him up. The happy ending didn’t stop there, though. When Jennifer came to get Monkey, she fell in love with two more cats ― brothers Jupiter and Saturn. And, so, Monkey’s gravity of cuteness pulled two little planets all the way home with him.

For Dakota, new was always scary. When she was comfortable and with the people she loved, she was a snuggly couch potato. New faces, however, made her freeze up with nerves, unable to move until she felt safe again. It was no different when Michael and Alena Eberle met her for the first time. Dakota was nervous, and they wondered if she would be able to adjust well in their home. But they took a chance on her. At first it was hard, they said. She couldn’t relax, and they had to wake her up in the middle of the night when she had nightmares. With time and patience, she finally started to open up. Once she knew that these were her people and she was safe, she even started getting excited about going to work with them and meeting all sorts of new people. With her family beside her, new wasn’t scary anymore. It was fun.

Sometimes, it’s the pet who chooses the person. That’s exactly what Diesel did when Jennifer West came looking for a pig to adopt. He plopped down next to her and turned on the charm. Now, Diesel was known for being rambunctious and insecure at the Sanctuary, and Jennifer had heard about his personality. She’d already decided that he was probably not the right match, but when they met, Diesel turned on the charm. Even his caregivers noted that he was like a completely different pig ― all gentle and mellow. When a pig decides you’re the one, how can you say no? Diesel also brought his “boss,” Papa, along with him. The two pigs sleep on piles of blankets in Jennifer’s bedroom, and they also enjoy a big, grassy backyard during the day. And all three agree, Diesel made a good choice.

Save Them All

Use the arrow keys to move. Get the bear to the pet shelter. The yellow blocks are for advancing, and the pinks are for going back.

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This area will have our impact on homeless pets. It will also give you facts on all pet shelters. It will mainly compare to 2010.


This area will have our impact on homeless pets. It will also give you facts on all pet shelters.

Best Friends Save Them All

Baby Cat


Find our warehouses and shelters. You can easily get food for your animals. This should explain that we have drivers that can deliver you a monthly subscription for pet food.

Our main location is off of Wyoming Blvd and Harper road. Our othe location is in the Coronado center.

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