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what to do if you are experiencing sexism

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if this is at school

The first thing to do is ask them to leave you alone. If that doesn't work, try to leave and get wherever you were trying to go. If this doesn't work, the situation is probably serious. If it is, ask for security/adult.

If in general

you can show no emotion, this will probably work.

Other ways to help

You can spread the word about sexism. You can also protect others. You can create more sites like this.


Someone named Selana was abused so much because of her sex that she committed suicide. Someone named Galuna was excluded from football because of her sex. Someone called Unica wasn't allowed to go to one of the best schools because of her sex.

This is just One example of sexism. There are so many more,and worse,cases of sexism.

How we help the world learn about sexism

Our volunteers go to be a part of programs to help stop sexism. We go to schools with high sexism rates and spend the day there in order to check everything. We help teach the world that sexism is bad.

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