The War on Warming

Mission Statement

Reversing Climate Change

Air Polution
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About us

If we were a real non-profit , we would be a 501c organization. We want to help climate change a better because right now it is bad. We help pick up trash and make our earth a better place. We make groups that can help us clean our earth. Humans are the main part of climate change, but we can help!


Calender for when we meet!

We usually meet almost every Friday. When we meet we pick up trash and sometimes we stop wasting so much water. We usually meet at parks and at lakes and most just everywhere like in the city.

Contact Us!

If you want to help our earth and see what you can help with Contact Us (1-506-555-4567! We want you to help clean our earth and make it a better place. Including meeting up with each other, stop going too fast gas is bad for the earth.

Get involved?

If you want to get involved with our group so contact us you will help and lot to get our earth a better place. You can share stories with us and we will post them. You can donate, You can also Volunteer.

Our Journey!

We kept seeing our earth being so sad. So we wanted to change the earth like we want to build electric cars for less money because not all people can afford a Tesla so we want it to make it affordable.

 Climate Change Environment
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