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Mission Statement

Saving the snake population and healing injured snakes.

Boa constrictor in the night
from unsplash


The New Mexico Snake Consevation was founded by john hankok in 1999.the oganization was founded in carazozo but was move to abp in 2011.the carent presedent is bill hankok. he had an interest in snakes at an early age. and only started owning snakes at age 13.

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Where are the snakes

Check out all the places you can get your snake treated. Look on the map below to find the hospital closest to you. if you can't find your location, you need to search in the search bar above the map.

Rattlesnake in Arizona
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To access the game, you need to read the history page, this is vital. if you don't do this,the game will not work, intill you read the history page. there is a survey at the bottom to prove you've completed it.

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