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Happy lives for animals

Some things you can do to keep your pet healthy and happy are getting them proper nutrition and exercise. You should also regularly take the for check ups and grooming. To make their lives bettter you also have to give them affection.

A fluffy white dog running happaly.
By Joe Caione

Finding an injured animal

If you find a stray pet first try to see if it is healthy. If it is healthy call non emergency services at 311. You can also drop it off at a shelter. If the shelter isn't open then hold it until the morning and then drop it off. If the animal is injured call 311 to report it to animal control.

 Sad dog on road.
By Jana Shnipelson

How animals help us

Animals increase your probability of going outside and getting exercise. They also help with you social life. Another great reason to have a pet is because they reduce stress and loneliness and depression.

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