End homelessness

Mission Statement

give lemonade to homeless

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about us

We give free lemonade to poor people who are thirsty. This fictional non-profit would love to be a real 501(c)(3. We currently have one employee working for the nonprofit. When the people who are not experiencing homelessness come there lemonade is three dollars.

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Please donate money or lemons to us so we can make more lemonade for thirsty people. If you donate to us, we will be able to give more free lemonade. So donate today to help give free lemonade!

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contact us

If you want to give homeless people lemonade, then call us at 250-555-4328. every day we have a fresh pitcher ready for you to drink. Also call us if you're ready to help us.


If you would like to volunteer, you can make lemonade. Once you help, you can drive around and give homeless people lemonade. Or you can stay at headquarters to help give lemonade to the homeless.


You can look up our location here. We go around the world giving homeless people lemonade. So find a location near you where you can help.

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