Race Ethnicity and Inclusion

Race Ethnicity and Inclusion

Why You Should Help

  • "7 in 10 Black Americans Say They Have Experienced Incidents of Discrimination or Police Mistreatment in Their Lifetime, Including Nearly Half Who Felt Their Lives Were in Danger" Site/ URL: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/young-black-adults-less-trusting-police-poll-finds
  • “About three-quarters of young whites and African-Americans say they’ve been stopped, as do about 7 in 10 Latinos. Young Asian-Americans are somewhat less likely to say they’ve been stopped, about 6 in 10.”
  • “The coronavirus outbreak continues to have far-reaching health and economic consequences for the American public. But for many, especially Black and Asian Americans, the effects extend beyond medical and financial concerns. About four-in-ten Black and Asian adults say people have acted as if they were uncomfortable around them because of their race or ethnicity since the beginning of the outbreak, and similar shares say they worry that other people might be suspicious of them if they wear a mask when out in public, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.”

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  • Pew Research Center
  • image of a racial justice protest from Ms.Magazine
    Racial justice protest from Ms.Magazine
    Image of a Black Lives Matter protest, from Pexels
    Black Lives Matter protest from Pexels