Asian immigrant hate

Asian hate has increased ever since the Covid-19 outbreak. Asians have been mugged, Attacked, and ridiculed. Insults like go back to your country "dog eaters" have been thrown at Asians and have increased during Covid.

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Racial Profiling

Since 2001 members of the South Asian community have been profiled by airlines and federal law because of 9/11. In 2002 the government Muslim crime hate went up 500% in the early 2000 and has only gone down 18% because they look like people that have done a terrible thing.

people at a protest
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white washing in Hollywood

White washing has been happening since the 1920s and is still happening to this day. White washing is really harmful to Asian actors because white actors are being booked for Asian roles meant for Asians.

people at a protest
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Women rights in middle east countries

It's important that we know about the rights women have in middle east countries, so we can start to make a difference. Most are forced to work at home, have to cover their faces while in public, and have to be accompanied by a male to leave the country. Now think about the rights you probably have, you can wear almost anything you want, leave the country almost whenever you want, and work wherever you want.

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