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About Us

We strive to make all homes in the US gun free. We talk to adults and give them information on why they should not have guns in their house, we lead and organize marches to remove guns from homes in America, and more. We also partner with other nonprofits that support what we support and wo

We're not a real non-profit, but if we were we'd be a 501c3.

No Guns
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Mission Statement

Remove guns from all homes in the US.

People We've Helped


Ann-Marie was a single mother who had a gun in her home. She had two sons in her household. One day, she went to her sons’ high school and sat down for a talk from us. Then an hour later her mind was set on removing the gun from her home. A day later, her house was safe.

The Barcley Family

The Barcley Family has always had guns in their homes. They were friends of one of the workers of Home Safe Home and one day the worker was talking to them about it. They were confused and said, “Why are guns in the house bad? We only use them for self defense.” We told them that guns are not a good way to have self defense. We also told them about how a lot of shootings are accidental, and also told them about gun safety and violence. At first they were a little bit skeptical of taking the guns out of their home. But, after a while the wife and husband started self defense classes and felt safer and removed the guns.


Julie was an 11 year old girl when she started thinking about the fact that her parents had a gun in the house and how that made her feel unsafe. One day she came across our website and read through all of the pages. When she was done she was determined to get the gun out of her house. So, that night at dinner she spoke to her parents about the issue and they immediately removed the gun and Julie and her parents both wrote a letter to Home Safe Home shortly after. Now every weekend their family goes to a nearby location and helps us out.

We have helped so many people, and we are so proud of that. These are only a few impacting stories we have dealt with, there are many more to be told.

Donate To Real Nonprofits

Sandy Hook Promise

Our shared mission with Sandy Hook Promise Foundation is to educate and empower youth and adults to prevent violence in schools, homes, and communities. The Action Fund is nonpartisan and committed to advancing federal and state legislation through grassroots engagement and mobilization that promotes gun safety, youth mental health, and violence prevention training.

Texas Gun Sense

We support gun ownership as an individual right for law-abiding citizens; we also support universal background checks, with a goal of keeping guns out of the hands of violent criminals and people experiencing a mental health crisis that may be a risk to themselves or others.

Everytown for Gun Safety

We are building a movement to: register voters, Elect candidates who will govern with gun safety in mind, Demand action from our elected officials, Change how America thinks about gun violence, end gun violence.