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 Three white kittens
Inge Wallumrod

Mission statement

To make sure every cat has a home.

About us

We find stray and abandoned cats and put them in our non-kill shelter so they can have a home. We make sure the cats are adopted by good people who won't abandon them. We try to lower the number of cats who are euthanized because they could not find a home. We're not a real non-profit, but if we were we'd be a 501c3.

 cute orange cat
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Facts About Cats in America

Every year 6.5 million pets are abandoned or lost. Only half of these get adopted. If your animal was found and brought to a shelter you only have 72 hours to get it back. There are 3 million cats going into shelters every year. There are over 20 million stray cats. Over 900,000 pets are euthanized each year. 500,000 are cats and 400,000 are dogs.


 cute grey cat
by pexels


While we are unfortunetly not a real non-profit there are non-profits doing what we are! if you want to help our cause go donate to them! here are the links!