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We have many volunteers and helpers and here are some of our newest helpers:

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Marissa Stanton-Marissa had a mother and sister affected by anorexia and wants to help everyone else who needs it!

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Mack Wright- Mack has been with Embracing Eating for 2 years and he has loved giving his time and support to anyone who needs it!

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Quinn Gray- Even though Quinn suffered from Bulimia himself he likes to use his experience to help others. He also would like to bring awareness to the fact that men can have eating disorders too!


Lucy-In 2020 I was diagnosed with BED (binge eating disorder). I would eat a lot in shorter periods of time. I did not open up to others until about 4 months later. When I finally told my family, my mother informed me that treatment was too expensive for people like us. My mother suggested that I meet with my teachers and school counselor for help. After meeting with them we looked for organizations that could help people like me get treatments. We found Embracing Eating and organized meetings and I recovered!

Quinn- I was about 15 years old when I started becoming Bulimic. I was very insecure about my body image and how I looked. In high school there is a lot of pressure, and an eating disorder just changes everything. I was also living with my grandparents at that time who couldn't afford care for me. I told my grandmother who was very supportive but could not afford it. I looked online everyday trying home remedies and looking for help. I did not find anything and became severely ill. I skipped school A LOT. When I finally found out about eating disorder non-profits, Embracing Eating was an obvious choice. I met with multiple therapists and volunteers, and turned my life around!