Protecting the Pets

Mission Statement

Our mission is to protect pets around New Mexico from being harmed, and help them find a home.

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About Us

We wish we were a real 501c3 nonprofit, but we're not. We were established in 1987. Our nonprofit takes in stray pets, such as cats and dogs, and gives them a temporary place to live. We try to feed them and give them a good experience until they find a forever home. We try to promote adopting pets, and hope for all of our pets to become adopted. We will know we have succeeded when all of our pets have been adopted.

Plans for the Future

Our plans are to make it so that there are no pets left on the streets or in the shelters. We hope that everyone will have adopted a pet, and all of the pets will have found a forever home. We want all pets to have a place to eat, drink, and sleep but also be loved.

Serious Matters

We want to protest animal cruelty and pets being treated inhumanely. We hope to end all animal cruelty by the year 2030. We want all pets to be safe and happy. We will lead protests to protect all pets from inhuman treatment, and give every pet a loving home.

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