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Why and Facts

  1. This year the school shooting percentage was up by 17%, from 2007 it’s been climbing steadily higher. And the US has had 1,316 shootings since 1970. Donald Donnand made a safety desk as the “last line of defense” with a shooting. It provides a 450 degree ballistic protection against the shooter. Having a level 3a protection. Tested with 44 Magnum and Submachine Gun 9 mm.
  2. School shootings affect 12 children everyday, and 32 are injured. Since 1999, 380,000 students have been affected in U.S gun violence. Gun violence in the U.S has intruded into peoples lives. And 4.6 million kids live in a home where there’s a gun. These 2 things can create bad consequences.
  3. The data from school shootings reveals that more kids are depressed or taking drugs to influence their actions, esspecially with students committing suicide after or before commiting the shooting. The shooting rate has gone up, even with protection. It’s also been influenced by bullying as some people feel like they can’t do anything, so when they see a gun. They make the choice.