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Mission Statement

Our mission at Forest Renewal Global is to stop the deforestation of our planet and replant trees globally.

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About Us

We take donations and volunteers and spread them around the globe to achieve our goals. We comb through forests and pick up trash. Then, we replant trees to replenish and extend the forest. Almost all the forests we have done work on had got 25% of its logged trees back. We also work to stop large logging operations and use farmland more efficiently by working with its owners. We're not a real non-profit, but if we were we'd be a 501c3.

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Since we aren't a real nonprofit these are some others that you can help out!


By volunteering, you will help us greatly. You can travel the globe to help the forests. You can also find an area right by your town. Wherever you are, you can help us. You can even give lectures about deforestation, and learn from others.

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