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Holy Doge

Established in 1994

Pet Research Facts

Holy Doge game

To play this game use arrow keys to control and to win you have to wait until the green line apears on the bottom of the screen then touch it and go to the next scene

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How you can help Holy Doge

You can volunteer in your free time that is just helping us take care of the doges like walking or petting them. You can also help cleaning the doges apartments and spas. You can arrange the doge meetings and gatherings. Come in any day and sign up to help volunteer, we would really appreciate it.

About Our Logo

Our logo shows a doge wearing a crown which represents the way that we treat the doges. The doge on the screen is the first doge we found, and we named him spotty. We treated him and gifted him the famous holy doge crown. He currently lives in a Holy Doge retirement home where he lives happily ever after.

Holy Doge Logo