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You can buy shirts to give us money to donate to the turtles. You can buy pants to give us money to donate to the ocean. Or you can just donate money to the turtles and the ocean.

© 2023 turtle power
© 2023 turtle power

How to help

To help you can walk by the ocean and pick up plastic. You can reuse your water bottle and not use a plastic water bottle. Stop putting plastic in the ocean and next time you think about getting a plastic water bottle think about the sea turtles.


50 years ago I saw plastic on the beach but I did not think anything of it but every day more and more come on to the beach where I could not see the ocean so I made a non-profit. For 50 years We have been helping the sea turtles and the ocean. The turtle was thriving before plastic.Turtles and other sea life have been destroyed because of the plastic.


You can volunteer today to help save the turtles by helping them get to the ocean . You can also volunteer to take the plastic out of the ocean. If you volunteer to turtle power you can save the ocean and turtles.

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