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suši bākā: Third founder. Suši bākā originally came up with the idea, and gave it to Eric. Eric made some changes but overall is the same.Eric named it I.F.R.A.A.P beacuse for him and a lot of people it stands for Idenity for race and all people. It took him 7 years to start this. Eric: The one who started this all andim and us 2 hired Greg. Greg: Greg is a professional coder and was hired by Eric to help code this.

Donate and Why

You should donate because of kids in hard places, like being bullied because of your pride, gender, If you are getting bullied for your race, or going through hard times financially. The bullies of LGBTQ+ are homophobic people and we need to help the people getting bullied by this. Why else should you donate? Because do you want kids to commit suicide? That’s why.

About Us

Our nonprofit is about helping kids that are different colored, going through poverty, and help LGBTQ+ from committing suicide. We also talk to them sort through their life and get jobs through video calls, or in person. And this fictional non-profit would love to be a real (501)c(3). We help kids to make a better society and this helps many kids nationwide. All you need to do to contact us is text us “Help Please!” Our phone number is 1+(505)-555-4753. Our email is So if you want need or want to help, then just text this number, or donate.

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