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We help the military, and the veterans in the military. Every donation goes toward helping the military and its veterans, even if it is just little money. Our non-profit organization is always dedicated towards our goal - supporting the military. Many veterans die each year, so we try to lower the number. Some veterans become homeless after leaving the army, and we also get homes for the people who fought for our country. The funds go to the military to support them and the veterans in need. This fictional non-profit would love to be a real 501c3.

Researched Facts

  1. Number of military fatalities in all major wars involving the United States from 1775 to 2022
  2. What is the state of the military, and how are US veterans faring?
  3. Veteran and Military Mental Health Issues

Fact 1

620,000 casualties were recorded. (American Civil War) 405,399 casualties were recorded (World War II) 116,516 casualties were recorded (World War I)

Saluting Veteran
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Fact 2

Veterans have a higher rate of disability, and their unemployment levels are lower than others. And they also have a lower rate of poverty, but did you know that military spending used to be $1T?

Disabled Veterans
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Fact 3

Sadly, veteran suicide rates are the highest in history, with over 6,000 deaths from suicide every single year. Suicide rates for veterans in the US have increased by 30% between the years 1999 and 2016. Research shows that veteran suicide rates are higher during their first year outside of the military.

Line of duty death funeral
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We have military games, Be the General and Military Fighting.

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