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Mission Statement

Providing service for those with disabilities

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About Us

Our community has been helping and provides wheelchairs at affordable prices for people with disabilities. We raise money for medicine to make it cheaper for people who do not have a full pocket. We also make costumes to decorate your own wheelchair. Our hope is to provide a cheaper option for those with disabilities. 50% of people with disabilities can not afford health care so we supply medicine and wheelchairs. Join now to get 30% off your first purchase on your wheelizz wheelchair t-shirt. We wish we were a real 501c3 nonprofit, but we're not.

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Our History

Our history is short and sweet. Hermione Ranger and Luna Bovegood started this program. We did it because they knew that health care for people with disabilities is very expensive. We hope to have supporters and run for a very long time.


We don’t only care about people who need wheelchairs. We want to help you if you need medicine for a disability but can not afford it. 30% of the money we get from donations and purchases go to cheaper and more affordable medicine.

Real Nonprofits

  • The Arc
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  • Free Wheelchair Mission
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  • Special Olympics
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  • Easterseals
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