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To save the wild ducks and pigs from extinction

About Us

We are trying to save the visayan warty pig and all the endangered ducks from extinction and many more animals. We are a global organization that protects the wild life around us. We have wildlife centers all around the globe Helping the problem by building shelters around the globe. If we were a real non-profit, we would be a 501c3 organization.

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oxyura leucocephala a white headed duck
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Who we are

We are a nationwide agency who are trying to save the endangered ducks and pigs in the world. We have been trying for many weeks and we are trying everything we can to save all the ducks and pigs by putting food and other things to help them live. We are a non-profit orginization about wildlife.

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endengered new zealond blue duck
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There's 6 species of ducks that are critically endangered The reason that they are endangered is from habitat loss, hunting, and population fragmentation. There's over 167 species of ducks Javan warty pigs are often poisoned by farmers to keep their crops safe from them.

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