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Block the Bullet helps to prevent school shootings. We do this by getting our volunteers into our offices and setting them up behind a computer. Then we have them look at social media platforms and see if anyone is showing signs of a school shooting plan. If we find someone we have our other volunteers go to a school nearby and have a class write up-lifting cards. Then we find as much information on the person as we can like an address or an area that they might live. Then we mail them a card in hopes that they will feel better after reading it.We wish we were a real 501c3 nonprofit, but we're not.

Mission Statement

Preventing School Shootings

 Preventing School Shootings
by Carol Von Canon


  1. Every day 12 kids die from gun violence. And another 32 people are shot and injured.
  2. Ever since Columbine over 338,000 in the U.S have experienced violence with guns at school.
  3. Every person in the U.S can do something to help prevent a school shooting.
  4. Most people who are planning on shooting up a school are most likely in a crisis and will accidentally leak their plans one way or another.
  5. Since 1999, 365 people have been injured and 157 have been killed.

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We need volunteers today! If you want to make a difference in a family’s life and prevent a shooting then join the team! We need volunteers to looking for signs of a possible shooter, write cards and deliver the cards.

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