Welcome to the 6-7 Coding Club!

What Do You Want to Learn?


Web ResourceScratch Website

Web ResourceDr. Scratch

book Super Scratch Programming Adventure

book Learn to Program with Scratch (online book)

book Scratch for Kids for Dummies (online book)

Web ResourceHarvard Scratch for Budding Computer Scientists

Web ResourceMaking Platformers

Web ResourceHow to Tutorials from the Scratch Team

Web ResourceScratch Lab:

Web ResourceGriffpatch!

Web ResourceZinnea's Scratch Tutorials

Web ResourceSurfing Scratcher's Scratch Tutorials

Web ResourceFuelvin's Scratch Tutorials

Web ResourcemrGcoding's Scratch Tutorials

Web ResourceScratch Addons Chrome Extension - So many Scratch extensions, including the Find feature from GriffPatch and a Pause button!



bookBuild an HTML 5 Game

Web ResourceW3Schools - Learn HTML

Web ResourceW3Schools - Learn CSS

Web ResourceGCF Global - Basic HTML

Web ResourceGCF Global - Basic CSS

Web ResourceColorSpace

Web ResourceHTMLDog.com

Web ResourceInterneting is Hard (But It Doesn't Have to Be

Web ResourceMozilla Developer Network: Learning HTML and CSS

Web ResourceCodeBoxx HTML & CSS Tutorials (Full List)

Web ResourcefreeCodeCamp.org

Web ResourceFlexboxFroggy

Web ResourceA Beginner's Guide to HTML

Web ResourceLearn CSS Grid for free - very clear tutorial, and you can play with the code in the video!

Web ResourceCSS Zen Garden - See amazing CSS styles applied to the a plain HTML file

Web ResourceCode Special Characters (like ©) - This site offers you several options for each character's code. Use the first option (ex: ©)

Web ResourceGoogle Fonts - Remember to add font code to your HTML file AND your CSS

Web ResourceColor Contrast Checker - All font color/background color combinations must past the contrast checker.

Web ResourceCoolors - Find cool color combinations!

Web ResourcePineTools - So many helpful tools! Check out these categories:

Web ResourceCreative Commons Images

Web ResourceRemove BG - Remove backgrounds of images (only use images you own or that are Creative Commons licensed!)


bookJavaScript for Kids

bookJavaScript & jQuery: The Missing Manual

bookJavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

Web ResourceW3Schools - Learn JavaScript

Web ResourceHTMLDog.com

Web ResourceMozilla Developer Network: JavaScript

Web ResourceCodeBoxx JavaScript Tutorials (Full List)

Web ResourcefreeCodeCamp.org: Learn JavaScript - Full Course for Beginners - Video

Web ResourcefreeCodeCamp.org: JavaScript Beginner's Handbook - Written Instructions

Web ResourcefreeCodeCamp.org: Create a Platformer Game with JavaScript

Web ResourcefreeCodeCamp.org: Intro to Game Development wiht JavaScript

Web ResourceGame Maven - learn JavaScript by coding games


Web ResourcebookInvent Your Own Computer Games with Python

Web ResourcebookMaking Games with Python and PyGame

Web ResourceCMU Computer Science Academy's CS0 Python Course

Web ResourceLearnPython.org

Web Resource80+ Best Free Python Tutorials, eBooks & PDF To Learn Programming Online

Web ResourcePython Cheat Sheet

Web ResourceSoloLearn Python 3 Tutorial

Web ResourceOnline Python Tutor

Web ResourceGet Into Python

Web ResourcefreeCodeCamp.org: Learn Python by Building 5 Games

Web Resource7 iPhone / iPad Apps To Learn Python Programming

Web ResourcePython Coding - Asking User's Questions


App Development

Web ResourceMIT App Inventor

Web ResourceLiveCode

Web ResourceDownload LiveCode 9.0.0 DP 7

Web ResourceGlide Apps (using Google Sheets to build apps)


Web ResourceGoogle Expeditions

Web ResourceMicro:Bits

Web ResourceSpark Fun Inventor's Kit for Micro:Bit Experiment Guide

Web ResourceMakey Makey

book 20 Makey Makey Projects for the Evil Genius

Web ResourceCodey Rocky Robots w/mBlock coding

What Else?

Web ResourceWhat is Computational Thinking?

Web ResourceCODE.ORG!!

Web ResourceHour of Code 2021!!

Web ResourceWick Editor

Web ResourceRuby on Rails

Web ResourceAlice

Web ResourceAlice How-To's

Web ResourceDuke University's Alice Tutorials

Web ResourceHow to Share Your Alice Program

Web ResourcefreeCodeCamp.org: Beginner's Guide to Git & GitHub

Web ResourceTelNet Star Wars Details



book = Ms. Geores has the book

Image Source


Web Resource = Website

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Web Resourcebook = online book