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Pay Gap Obliterators

This website was created by the Girls Who Code Club at Albuquerque Academy. We decided to build a website addressing the pay gap. The pay gap has been improved over the years but, The World Economic Forum released data that the world-wide paygap will be closed in 118 years, in other words it will take till the year 2135 to resolve the paygap.

Women receive more college degrees than men, but despite that, women still get paid less than men. On average women get paid 75-80 cents to every dollar a man makes. It will take 44 years, or until 2059 to gain pay equality. Black women will wait have to wait until 2124 and Hispanic women will have to wait until 2248 and for equal pay. If you want to know the differences in amounts paid for different jobs click here. The videos below are about the pay gap and how unfair it is.

Gender pay gap is something that affects half of our population! With such a big issue, why isn’t more being done to combat the consequences? At Girls Who Code, we put together this website to educate our women on how to stand up for themselves and their deserved pay. Our goal is to inform and unite, by providing tutorials and examples, as well as a chat feature for men and women to discuss experiences with their pay and negotiating in the workplace. We’re encouraging people to come together and help each other in the fight for equal pay, starting with this website.

The pay gap is an injustice to all woman. Woman can do the work just as well as men can, sometimes better. Yet males are automatically paid more, due to hundreds of years of bias. We need to end this. By working together, we can speed up the finish of the pay gap by many years. Help us (and yourself) by ending this injustice! If we work together, we can obliterate the pay gap!