Welcome to 6th Grade TechApps!

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TechApps, a required course for 6th graders, covers many facets of technology, primarily emphasizing digital citizenship, productivity and research tools, beginning programming, and basic web design.

We combine learning productivity tools with analyzing digital ethics and citizenship. Some of the topics we investigate include safety, security, privacy, our inter-connected social culture, respecting the creative work of others, and building a positive online identity.

We also collaborate with Community Service to begin building an understanding of what communities we may belong to and how we can help provide them with the support they may need.

Tech Orientation

Learn about all of the basic tech tools you'll be using this year. You will get your logon credentials (your username and password) from your family head on the first day of school, when your accounts will activate.

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Parent Resources

Find a more detailed overview of class expectations, as well as resources that may be helpful for parents here:

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Previous Student Work

If you had TechApps in the past and are looking for your published work, send me an email, and I'll send you its new address.


23-24 Student Work

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Behold! Our growing anthology of work!

Online Life Surveys

Research Mini-Posters