Student Work

Student Work 22-23

Students will be creating some imaginative work highlighting their research on digital citizenship and their coding skills. Stay tuned for their developing gallery walk!

Online Life Surveys

On the first day of class, we shared what we use to connect with others in our digital lives.

Digital Citizenhip Presentations

Students worked in teams of three or four to do a deep dive on an aspect of digital citizenship. Their possible categories included scams and online safety, cyberbullying and screen addiction, digital footprints and data privacy, copyright and fair use, and media literacy and finding credible sources. Each group researched their topics, and then carefully crafted lessons to teach the rest of the class.

Non-Profit Organziation Websites

After learning about communities and the struggles they can face, students each invented a nonprofit organization to address a need that resonated with them. They then designed and coded websites for those nonprofits using HTML5 and CSS3 in CodePad Text Editor. Students also built multiple programs in Scratch further showing different aspects of their nonprofit to embed on their websites.